During the reward of « Créatrices d’Avenir » trophies, 2019.

Our story

The glowing plant concept is borned from Sophie Hombert’s imagination, founder of Aglae. This is during her design studies that the story begins with the writing of her dissertation on « The domestication of plants » which will be published later. Sophie then seeks to restore a place of choice to plants by giving it a functional role thanks to lighting. She builds partnerships with research laboratories where she invents the famous elixir.
This is the beginning of the entrepreneurial adventure for Sophie.
In 2016, Aglaé was created and quickly became the pioneer company in this field. Sophie is surrounded by an ambitious and passionate team, where scientists and creatives work in symbiosis.
Today, the two main activities of the start-up are focused on R&D and events, in order to make you live the most beautiful of light experiences.

The team




Plant Biologist


Event Manager


Scenography Designer

Engaged by your side

Aware of the environmental challenge the event industry is facing, we support your project by minimizing their ecological impact. We encourage responsible strategies and we are surrounded by CSR partner.

Promote local supplier

Gifts of flowers to associations

Environmentally neutral serum



Cut flowers

for Event scenography.



with Luminous plants by making them eternal (or « mummified »), requiring neither water nor maintenance.


Indoor Plants

for a perennial use as roots, dedicated to the layout.



by creating the lighting of cities without electricity.



a solution for the future?

Our long-term goal is to design soft, lively and electricity-free light solutions.

Together, we can imagine a more sustainable future where our parks, gardens and roadsides will be lit … by the light of the trees!

Promote the biodiversity

Without consumption electricity

Reduce the light pollution

Encourage the revegetation of our spaces