The magical world
of glowing plants :

A unique concept between art and science !


Aglae has developed a nutritive serum without genetic modification, which allow plants to glow thanks to the dark light.
This serum is absorbed by capillary action by the plant and reveals natural veins of petals and leaves.


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pivoine luminescente-fleurs-aglaé-min
la tulipe luminescente d'Aglaé


This technology enhances the beauty of flowers and foliage. Thanks to it, they display a new aesthetic by revealing magnificent veins and colored shades, from purple to blue/green.


a committed approach

natural plants

Real plants: cut flowers, green plants in roots or stabilized.
Works by absorption of fluorescent serum, without any genetic modification.

environmentally friendly

Our serum is eco-designed, without genetic modification
and is not harmful to the environment.



Our research consists in proposing greener light sources, as an alternative to 100% electric lighting.

Surprising Day/Night effects !

Surprising Day/Night effects !