Discover the lighting soliflore

Live the experience of plant light

When magic comes to your home…

Easily reproduce the magic of bright flowers at home, thanks to the soliflore designed by Aglae.

This vase with clean forms and curved lines will fit perfectly into your interior. In your living room, it will surprise your guests; on your bedside table, this vegetable night light will provide soft and soothing lighting.

Its box in the form of a kit makes it an original and ideal gift to offer.
Real hybrid object between the vase and the lamp, it contains a low consumption black light led. Made in a semi-traditional way, in France and Portugal.


  • The serum works with all types of flowers and foliage.
  • The effect lasts the entire life of the plant.
  • 1 bottle of serum (10ml) = up to 3 luminescent flowers.
  • Absorbs in just 3 hours!

Our tips :

  • As soon as you get the desired effect, put on clean water and change the water every 2 days to preserve your flower longer.
  • Preferred flowers: Carnation, Rose, Freesia, Anastasia, Alstromeria. Prefer clear petals.
  • Preferred foliage: Fern or Tree fern.


Content of the box

• 3 refills of fluorescent serum
• The micro LED lighting soliflore, creation in porcelain from Portugal
• 1 USB adapter/ mains connection
• 1 removable glass test tube
• 1 rot-resistant foam wedge to keep the flower straight

(Flower not included)

Special offer

Package offer : 1 box + 3 additionnal refills 
Buy one box and receive3 additionnal refills for 4,90€ only.


Works with :






Serum Refills

Do not run out of serum and receive your refills directly at your home or office.


1 month = 3 refills

3 months = – 10% discount on refills
6 months = – 15% discount on refills
12 months = 1 month free on refills


Frequently Asked Questions



Our serum is a unique nutritional formula in the world, made in our laboratory. It is absorbed naturally by capillarity through the stem, to mark the petals and leaves.
Fluorescence is a physical phenomenon that we find in the nature : as in certain corals, stones & minerals or even as plant chlorophyll…
Fluorescence become under the dark light (a low-consumption LED energy). Thus, the serum marks the plant cells to bring out their patterns and veins in a spectacular and contemplative way.
This concept is a true praise to the beauty of the plant world.


• How long does it take for the flower to absorb?

It depends on the species chosen. Generally, it takes just 10 minutes to see the first light effects and 5 hours to obtain maximum effect.
If the carnation can absorb in 2 hours only, it takes around 6 hours for the rose and up to 12 hours for a species of chrysanthemum.

• Is the effect fading ?

No, and this is all the power of Aglae’s serum! You can add clear water as soon as the effects are satisfactory and put the serum aside for the next use : 1 bottle of 10ml works on 3 uses, which means a cost price of only 0,87euros per flower !

• What type of flower can I use ?

More than 95% of the flowers with white petals, pastels or two-colors work, it can be flowers from your garden or the florist. Our laboratory has selected for you : rose, carnation, anastasia, bonny and freesia to guarantee you the best effects.

• Can it be possible that a flower doesn’t absorb or little ? 

Very rarely : if it is not fresh enough to absorb or if it has undergone certain chemical treatments. If this happens to you, leave the plant out of the water for an hour to make it thirsty, cut 1cm of beveled stem and put it back in the serum.
Regarding arum, prefer the one of the garden rather than the one found in a florist for these reasons.

• Is dark light bad for the human eye ? 

The Philips brand LED we use is one of the best on the market. It has passed all CE and ROHS regulatory standards and is not one of the so-called harmful light types. Besides, our illuminating soliflore was designed so that the light beam is diffuse and only directed towards the plant to thus offer maximum comfort to its user.

• How to improve the longevity of your flower ? 

Change the water in the vase about every 2 days with clear water to keep it clean and cut off the end of the stem. 1cm bevel. Don’t worry, the effect is preserved if the flower has already absorbed.
Keep the flower as cool as possible in a dry environment.
You can also cut 1cm of stem (always bevel), approximately every 3 days.

WHERE DOES THE NAME « AGLAÉ » COME FORM ? : In Roman mythology, “Aglaé” is one of the three Graces: the goddesses of beauty. Its name means “the sublime”. Aglaé is the representative of the beauty of nature and has thus become the allegory of our innovation.


Great experience for the children of the municipality of Courtry with the luminescent flowers

Good continuation


Edith C. / Coutry

Magnificient, i am delighted with the Soliflore, easy to use and very aesthetic. In the bedroom, we use it as, a night light, soft and very pleasant light.


Françoise L. / Cherbourg

I offered 2 boxes for Christmas this morning, the surprise and amazement were here. An innovative and design object for a magical Christmas: a must-have decoration


Adeline A. / Paris

Incredible little fairies for the decoration and a whaaaou effect !!!


Hydar Z. / Rouen

Very clean and innovative design


Jessy A. / Ste Geneviève-des-Bois

Splendid !! I am glad !


Julie P. / Valenciennes